Autumn Walk

We went on an Autumn walk to see what changes we could spot. Nursery, can you remember some of the things we saw?



Thank you!

I can’t believe we have reached the end of another year, it has gone so quickly!  The children have done amazingly well this year and the nursery staff are extremely proud of how far the children have come.  Well done nursery, have an amazing holiday with lots of fun and laughter.


A huge thank you for all the lovely presents the nursery team received today and the very kind words written in so many cards.  On a personal level I have found this year one of the most rewarding at Selsdon and as I prepare to leave after 10 years I will go with very happy memories!  Good luck in reception, you will all be great!  Mrs Hume.


Transition to reception 

This week the children have been spending time in reception meeting the children and teachers.


Thank you reception for helping the nursery children feel so welcome.


Meet the teacher

Yesterday the children met their new teacher.  The children listened well and enjoyed seeing their new class and teacher.



More sports day


The sack race!

 The sweetie game!

Well done nursery you were brilliant!!


Sports day!

 Getting ready!

The hoop race!

The human centipede race!


The egg and spoon race!  
The running race!



Under the sea world!

The children have been really enjoying the sea world today!

Some children have been making their own fish to add to the sea!


Next week the children will be able to use the sea world whilst learning about their numbers!