Counting fish

A fun activity the children played in nursery today, which can also be played at home is a counting fish game. The game supports counting with 1:1 correspondence and number recognition.

Below is a link to the website where you play this and many other games.



Under the sea!

The children have been learning about sea creatures this week. They completed a range of different activities; 

* They searched the Internet to find out about the different types of sea creatures.

* They listened to whale song.

* They also measured how long each sea creature actually was using a trundle wheel and counting the clicks. 

Across the week the children have been making an under the sea mural which they can you use in their play.

Great team work nursery!


Fantastic writing

The children did some amazing writing today!  They were able hear and write initial, final and some middle sounds!  Great work nursery!



Shapes in the environment

Today the children looked at shapes in their environment. We first watched a song then we went outside looking for the 2D shapes.

We found, squares, rectangles, diamonds, circles, semi circle and even an octagon! When you go out with your child over the weekend  see if you can find some shapes together.


Dressing up

The children have loved dressing up this week!  They have been trying on lots of different outfits with many of the children dancing together and even marrying each other!!





Continuing the minibeast topic the nursery role play has turned into a bug investigation area!


The children carried on their bug investigating outside by making a home for the snails and finding a ladybird.



Minibeast writing

The children wrote some excellent labels for their minibeasts, lots of them used sounds within their writing and some of the children even heard initial sounds in the words.

Great work nursery!